Elite Advantage

Trip Routing & Map Service

Heading out on the road? Call our Trip Routing number and request a personalized map for your trip, featuring either the most scenic or direct route to any destination in the United States or Canada. Members can also request state, regional and city maps by either calling Customer Service or visiting the MyAccount area of amacroadside.us.

Travel Discounts and Coupons

Members can also enjoy savings close to home with discounts powered by PerksConnect®. Enjoy discounts nationwide on restaurants, hotels, car rentals, theme parks, cruises, and more! Visit My Account at amacroadside.us to search for and print premium coupons for your area. Plus, when members carry and show their AMAC Roadside Assistance membership card, they're entitled to ongoing savings at tens of thousands of locations throughout the United States

Roadside & Towing Benefits & Services

AMAC Roadside Assistance provides nationwide dispatching 24 hours a day, every day. Members may call our toll-free dispatch number from any state in the United States or anywhere in Canada to receive emergency roadside service or towing.


If a member's vehicle is stuck and/or immobile and a tow is necessary, a towing provider will be dispatched through a nationwide network within a reasonable time period. AMAC Roadside Assistance will pay to tow a member's vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility up to 100 miles, and also will pay for roadside adjustments needed to start a disabled vehicle at the scene. The toll-free number gives access to a network of thousands of independent road service and towing contractors.

Battery Jump-Start Service

If a member is stranded due to a dead battery, the membership will pay to dispatch service and jump-start the member's vehicle.

Flat Tire Change

If a member's tire goes flat or is leaking, the membership will pay for a service call to install your inflated spare tire. The cost to repair or replace the flat tire will be the member's responsibility.

Emergency Fuel Service

If a member's vehicle accidentally runs out of fuel, the membership will pay to dispatch help to deliver up to five dollars ($5 USD).

Lockout Service

If your ignition key is accidentally locked inside your vehicle, , the membership will pay to dispatch help to unlock your vehicle. In case of lost, stolen, or broken keys, you will be reimbursed up to $25 for key replacement and/or $130 for vehicle lock replacement.

Dispatch Guarantee

On the rare occasion that we are unable to provide roadside or towing assistance, members may seek service from an alternate commercial service provider and submit the original receipt to AMAC Roadside Assistance for reimbursement up to a maximum of $260.

Emergency Trip Interruption Expense Reimbursement

Up to a maximum of $750 per occurrence ($1500 maximum per membership year) of emergency expense reimbursement is available to members in the event that a member's vehicle is disabled by a collision or mechanical failure while traveling more than 100 miles from the member's residence.

Legal Defense Reimbursement

If you are charged with a traffic offense while you are a member and wish to defend the charge in court, you will be reimbursed only for legal fees scheduled below up to a maximum of $1,000*. You will receive one reimbursement payment at the highest violation amount for all charges arising out of the same occurrence.

Violation Defense Appeal Total
Reckless Driving, DUI or DWI $170 $150 $320
Manslaughter $600 $400 $1,000
Other Motor Vehicle Law moving violations $75 $75 $150
* Benefit not available to residents of NY by law.

Arrest Bond

The Arrest Bond can be used up to $1,000* in lieu of your driver's license or posting a cash bond if you commit an ordinary moving traffic violation. The Arrest Bond Card does not cover arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, driving without a valid driver's license, felony violations, appeal bonds, appearance bonds, or arrests made pursuant to any warrant.

**Not accepted in CA, CO, KS, LA, NJ, TX and WA. Limited to $160 single and $500 multiple in IL; $200 in AR, IA, ID, KY, MI, MS, NE, NM, OH, PA, WI; $300 in AL, AZ; and $500 in CT, MA, OK, WV.

Auto Theft Reward

A reward will be paid totaling $10,000 to a private citizen (other than the member, member's family, law enforcement officials or their family) for providing information to the police that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing your car.

Hospital Emergency Room Bond

If a covered member is injured over 100 miles from home and required to provide evidence of financial security for admittance to a lawfully operated hospital emergency room, the Hospital Emergency Room Bond is a guarantee of your payment up to $1,000*.

*Not accepted in KS, LA, TX or WA but may be used when traveling in other states. Limited to auto-related accidents in FL.

Vehicle Repair Check Guarantee

If your vehicle breaks down and requires roadside or towing services, repair work, parts or labor not covered by AMAC Roadside Assistance, you may choose to use a personal check to pay. Although not all service providers accept personal checks, for those that do, AMAC Roadside Assistance's Vehicle Repair Check Guarantee assures that the service provider will receive payment up to $500.

Maximum Annual Services

To maintain a high standard of service with fair and reasonable dues for all members, AMAC Roadside Assistance is limited to four (4) claims per membership year. Couple memberships are limited to five (5) paid service claims per membership year. Family memberships are limited to seven (7) paid service claims per membership year. Coverage includes one normally equipped service vehicle, one driver, and one service call per disablement, up to a maximum cost of $130.