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Check this short list of our most frequently asked questions. If it is not covered here, feel free to call us at 1-855-875-8598 for further assistance!

  • I'm already a member of another motor club. Why should I switch to AMAC Roadside Assistance?
    A.  Because with AMAC Roadside Assistance, you'll never be caught without the benefits you need. Compare the benefits your motor club provides with AMAC Roadside Assistance. Read the small print. With AMAC Roadside Assistance there are absolutely no hidden costs. When AMAC Roadside Assistance says it's covered, it's covered.


  • If I arrange my own service, will AMAC Roadside Assistance pay for it?
    A.  Yes. We have over 35,000 service providers within our network that will be dispatched quickly when you call our toll-free number. On the rare occasion that we are unable to provide assistance, AMAC Roadside Assistance will authorize you to arrange emergency roadside service and towing for yourself and reimburse you up to the limit offered in the plan option that you purchase.


  • I'm waiting for my current motor club membership to expire. Can I join AMAC Roadside Assistance now and start my membership later?
    A.  Sure. Just indicate a future start date.


  • My new vehicle warranty provides roadside assistance. Why do I need AMAC Roadside Assistance?
    A.  AMAC Roadside Assistance provides membership benefits to you in ANY passenger vehicle you are driving. Your manufacturer's warranty coverage is limited to your new vehicle and does not provide the benefits you might need when driving a rented or borrowed vehicle. In addition, AMAC Roadside Assistance offers options to cover a spouse and family to enjoy the same membership benefits. Your membership also entitles you to trip routing and map services as well as discounts on hotels, rental cars, travel, and much more.


  • Are there any limitations on service claims per year?
    A.  Yes. To maintain a high standard of service with fair and reasonable dues for all members there is a limit to four (4) claims per membership year. These services include jump start, flat tire change, fuel delivery, winching (removing a stuck vehicle), towing, lockout, lost key service, and claim reimbursement.